KeyVault Key Storage Safe

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KanuLock KeyVault Key Storage Lock Box with Set Your Own Combination

Modern car keys and the beach do not go well together. The keys cannot go in the water so people are forced to hide their keys while enjoying the beach. Wallets, phones and other valuable belongings are stolen from locked cars at the beach every day by thieves who watch you hide your car keys. Hiding your keys behind the wheel, or in a towel on the beach is not a safe way to secure your car. We have a solution!! The Key Vault from KanuLock.

  • The KEY VAULT is a simple to use and secure way to lock your keys while at the beach.
  • Re-settable to 10,000 code combinations
  • All weather protective cover
  • Fits large electronic car keys
  • Easy to lock to door car handle, tire or trailer hitch.