Kai Sallas Waikiki 8'8 Green - Thunderbolt Silver

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Kai Sallas Longboard Company

8’8 x 22” x 2 5/8 | 56.0L

"The Waikiki is a wonderfully traditional log with a single fin setup. It's a must for your quiver, and everyone should feel what it's like to ride one." - Kai Sallas

Kai Sallas was born and raised in Waikiki and begin surfing at 10 years old under the guidance of his father, who caught his first wave in 1960.

After spending his formative years under the tutelage of the South Shore’s word recognized ‘Beach Boys’, Kai created a place for himself on the world stage as both a team rider for Donald Takayama, and a perennial threat in all competitive venues.

He has won events across the planet – the Madives, Italy, China and more, and he is also the owner of Pro Surf School Hawaii; the largest surf school on the Hawaiian Islands.