JS Industries - Monsta Box 6'4 Squash Tail HYFI Easy Rider Futures

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JS Industries Surfboards

Monsta Box Squash Tail HYFI Easy Rider

Easy Rider - 6' 4" x 20 7/8" x 3 " | 42.4L - Futures

HYFI’s enhanced flex and mind-blowing speed combines with the Monsta Box’s versatility to create a board that flies down the line, springs through turns, and can be surfed in everything from average, everyday grovels to the most fun sessions you can imagine.

One of our most well-received hybrid models ever, the Monsta Box is a blend of our two global favourites – the Monsta and Blak Box. The result is an outline that hides a surprising amount of area for ease of paddling and generating speed, yet maintains a responsive, high performance feel thanks to its perfectly balanced entry and exit rockers.

With a lot of the most fun R&D you could imagine under the team’s belt, from Hawaii to the Gold Coast, California to Japan, Mikey summed-up the HYFI Monsta Box perfectly: “On smaller days I hardly ever veer away from surfing it – even if the waves suck it hasn't let me down and in better surf or contests it still has that spark you need to go as hard as you want.” 

The Monsta Box is geared towards a wide variety of waves, from flatter, weak conditions to steep sections and tubes.