Channel Islands Board Cover - Jordy Smith Signature Boardbag - silver

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Jordy Smith's signature boardbag from CI.

Full outline day bag the bag will fit most boards in the CI line. Heave duty 600D outer with 5mm padding all around this is as tough as a day as you will find, for the vary bold and daring it just might survive a plane ride.

Features include: Waterproof shell - Reinforced nose protection - CI leash string pull tabs - Nylon shoulder strap - Built in hanger hook
Padding 5MM

5'8 (4.2 lbs)
6'0 (4.2 lbs)
6'4 (4.2 lbs)
6'8 (4.5 lbs)
7'0 (4.5 lbs)
7'6 (4.6 lbs)