Hamboards Pinger 5’7”

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HAMBOARDS® PINGER™ is a 5’7” single wing pin tail that captures the shape of the vessel of preference for those radical revolutionaries that first tamed the Banzai Pipeline of North Shore Oahu. The Pinger™ by Hamboards® is that perfect in- between board fitting nicely into the Hamboards® lineup. It carves incredibly well but has a little more weight than the Fish allowing for more speed releasing out of turns, and like the Classic there is a large canvas for cross stepping footwork but with more manoeuvrability. The wheelbase and weight allows for turns and flow that feel just right. Riding the Pinger™ you can imagine yourself bearing down on a hefty, high performance wave and drawing that perfect line, carrying so much speed thru a section and having the manoeuvrability to just lay into a turn.