Hamboards Bamboo Classic 6'6"

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This naturally rich all custom bamboo plywood Hamboard rides like the Classic Hamboard but exudes the warmth and feel of a wooden surfboard. Prefect for nose riding and old school surf turns. The solid furniture grade bamboo deck is stunningly beautiful. No veneerers here. The Bamboo Classic comes complete with wheels, trucks and bearings.

Note: This high quality bamboo board is less expensive than the Hand Painted Classics due to the labor and material costs involved in the colored Classics.

Designed, finished, and assembled by Hamboards in California it contains 100% “Green“ renewable Bamboo.
Deck Surface: Our exclusive Transparent Gritted Grip deck coating.

Wheels: ABEC 11's top of the line 97MM Flywheels
Trucks: ORIGINAL's state of the art torsion trucks the S8
Bearings: BILTIN abec 7 bearings
Dimensions: 6’ 6” x 15”