GoofBoard Wombat - Balance Board for Kids

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GoofBoard Wombat - Balance Board for Kids
The “Wombat” provides a range of safe balancing challenges without the use of a roller. Our U-Block concept turned out to be ideal for kids ages 3-up (and adults.) Because U-Blocks can be re-positioned, kids will love exploring the possibilities on their own.

This is the "anti-video game," keeping kids physically active and mentally engaged, performing a variety surfing and skateboarding style tricks, all on carpet. And, they may even invent some tricks unique to the Wombat. Balancing skills will naturally develop that will transfer to surfing, skating, and other sports and activities.

Made in USA. Ride on carpet, a rug, or our optional Classic Riding Mat.
Dimensions: 26" x 9.75"
Weight limit: 200 lbs.

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