GoofBoard Freestyle

Board: 29.5” x 15” Pipe: 27” x 5” Weight limit: 270 lbs.

At first, the “Freestyle” may look similar to other balance boards out there. But not really. Notice the length of the pipe. This allows for rail-to-rail riding the entire length of the board. Go ahead, hang those toes over.

The stop locations allow for safe rail-to-rail and nose-to-tail riding…using only one pipe. Having these stops is critical in the learning process.

Notice what’s missing from the pipe…grip tape. The result is a loose feel for a truly “free” style. A super-secret pipe coating provides a perfect grip/slip ratio with "swivel."

The real magic of the Freestyle is released once you are confident enough to ride without the stops. Remove the stops for a full range of crazed rotational tricks. But be careful, don’t remove the stops until you have mastered the thing with ‘em. If you possess an extreme element, choose the Freestyle. Ideal for short board surfers, wake surfers, snowboarders, and any other board sport you can dream up.

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