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Goofboard - balance board
Simulates 'Surfing' Motion on Both AXIS

The Axis board has the ability for riding dual axes. From rail-to-rail & nose-to-tail - this board has seamless transition, no extra roller needed, no hardware swapping required. Simply reposition board at 90º and ride! The Axis gives you unlimited riding time, to perfect style and flow for the session in water.

Rail-To-Rail Riding simulates trimming down the face of a wave and drawn out top to bottom carving.

Nose-to-Tail or riding it "AXIS" style simulates weight transferring, designed with the longboard & shortboard dynamic riding in mind.

ATTENTION BEGINNER SURFERS - Riding Goof boards will advance your surfing fast, be prepared!

PATENT PENDING U-BLOCKS add another dynamic training tool for stability and practicing pop up’s.

ATTENTION SUP RIDERS - Great way to train for paddling balance, ankle and leg strengthening.

  • Shaped and finished in the USA
  • Hand selected Birch Ply
  • %100 Upcycled Rollers

Disclaimer: Every piece of our hand selected Birch Ply is unique - trees have knots in their makeup, so yours may have a natural wood knot (which you cannot feel and does not take away from quality).

Made in the United States

U-blocks included to get you started with confidence. 

Disclaimer: Guaranteed to keep you smiling through the flat spells.

* Carpet not included

GoofBoard: Classic Beginner from Owl House Creative on Vimeo.


Classic or Axis?
Get the CLASSIC if you...

Have more glide than shred in your surfing style
Are drawn to cross stepping (longer board, more steps vs. Axis)
Want to practice pop-ups (more feet plant zone vs. Axis)

Get the AXIS if you...

Have more shred than glide in your surfing style
Like the versatility of riding in both orientations (due it’s to length, Classic designed to ride rail-to-rail only, but it does this really well!)
Already like the feel of a traditional balance board (rocking), but ready to go for rail-to-rail riding also.


Classic is 44”, Axis is 32” long. Both are about 15” wide.
Classic roller is 4” diameter, Axis roller is 5” diameter.
Classic is lower to the ground and a little easier to get started riding rail-to-rail.
If you are a beginning surfer and still not sure – we suggest the Classic.
If not too interested in surfing and still not sure – get Axis, as you won't have the surfing reference point for fully appreciating the stoke of rail-to-rail riding.