Futures THRUSTER - Channel Islands FUT-RTM-TECH2 3-fin (S) Red/Carbon/White TECH 2 Small

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The legendary Al Merrick fin template by Channel Islands Surfboards. 
4.38" (small) fin size, designed with riders 145lbs and under in mind.

Thruster fin set.

RTM - Tech 2
The Tech 2 honeycomb combined with the Al Merrick template is designed with a supported base of 12K weave going into a more flexible tip with unidirectional carbon that offers faster response time. A solid flex pattern with the honeycomb hexagonal core is desinged to perform in a variety of conditions and has a wide base for drive off of the bottom, more rake for big carves, and a finer tip for release off of the top. The signature CI smaller center fin has less stiffness to allow tighter turns. Futures ride # of 2.5, designed for speed control through a solid engaged feeling.

Polyester resin and fiberglass construction. Unique core reduces resin content and weight. Proprietary fiberglass weave and orientation is designed for maximum response and performance. These fins excel in waves with more power.

Depth: 4.34"
Base: 4.32"
Area: 13.82" ^2
Foil: Flat

Depth: 4.18"
Base: 4.31"
Area: 13.49" ^2
Foil: 50/50