Futures - SINGLE SUP Fin Thermotech White Triangle Centre Fin

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Surf to the beat of your own drum with the Futures Fins Thermotech Triangle Fin. Made from Futures Thermotech material, this fin offers durability, balance, and maneuverability. The 9” depth and moderate balanced area allow for more strokes per side and handles well in ocean conditions.

  • Size: 9"
  • Fins in set: 1
  • Material: Thermotech
  • Tech Specs
  • Height: 9.06"
  • Base: 4.84"
  • Area: 43.48"
  • Foil: Symm

THERMOTECH - Fins made from thermotech have a snappy and lightweight feel that retains the proper flex pattern for performance

FUTURES FOIL - Futures Fin foils are designed to move efficiently through the water, minimizing drag and maximizing glide between strokes

#TRIANGLE 9" White 815681021479 Thermotech 8100-304-12