Skindog Blender - 9'4 Thunderbolt Red - USED*

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Skindog Surfboards 


Skindog Surfboards 9'4 Blender

9’4 x 23” x 3 Vol: 70.5L

Fins: 2 + 1 FCS II sides
Shaper: Ben Skinner

*USED - Board is MINT and like new since it's ThunderBolt tech.    

Firewire/Skindog Blender - 9'4 Thunderbolt Red in Solid White colour 2+1 FCSII sides 

The Blender is our high performance longboard for smaller/softer waves or larger surfers. It carries a bit more volume and wider tail than The Smoothie and has a more relaxed rocker, allowing it to maintain optimal performance in a wide range of conditions. The bottom shape starts with a mild single concave in the nose, flowing straight into a subtle double concave through the mid-section, rolling out into a big rolled V with double concave out the tail. This bottom has no flat areas, making the board dynamic from any position on the board and while transitioning between tail and nose. The Blender is truly a dream to surf and is super user friendly, providing turns with flow, speed and lots of glide to carry through any fat section, and on the nose it just locks in. 

Shaper Notes:
This board has come from blending the best bits of the Missing Link and the Saving Grace, hence the name “The Blender”.

I designed it primarily for flatter slower waves, with faster hollow sections, just like the wave in Riyue Bay in Hainan Island Off southern China.

This board still has high performance features, but it is wider all over, with a more relaxed rocker. The bottom starts with a single concave in the nose, flowing straight into a subtle double concave through the centre rolling out into big rolled V inside the slight double, making this board a dream to surf on the nose and tail, it really feels like easy surfing. It turns with flow and speed and will glide through any fat section with ease, and on the nose it just locks in.

An easy board to surf suiting all abilities and all conditions upto 4-5ft.

I first rode this board in the 2015 WLT in China, and finished 3rd in the world. So I can assure you this board works!