FCS II TRI-QUAD - Firewire PC Carbon Black Large

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For steep faces and fast lines, the FCS II FW PC Carbon Tri-Quad Fin Set knows how to plow ahead under careening lips with confidence. By pairing deep sitting side fins with a smaller center fin, this refined Firewire template can produces exceptional drive with just the right amount of tail release. Designed in collaboration with legendary shaper Nev Hyman, the FW PC Fins have a stabilizing influence on your board, without restricting movement or feeling stiff and tight. Larger side fins provide reliable speed down the face and incredible hold when driving off the bottom, while the smaller center fin provides a loose and free feeling off the top. Notably, it’s quite easy to break the turning arc at higher speeds and pivot tightly in the pocket with just the right amount of control.

Switch to the quad set for smooth, controlled turns with a fast and sturdy feel on the open face. The balance between drive, hold and tail release is perfectly dialed for boards with a lower tail rocker such as the Sci-Fi by Tomo, or larger hybrid boards when used as a quad. Hold nicely though turns, drive hard down the face and pivot smoothly into the next section on the FW PC Carbon Tri-Quad Fin Set.

- Size: Large
- Fins in set: 5
- Material: Performance Core Carbon
- Tech Specs
- Tri Sides

Base: 4.57 in, 116 mm
Depth: 4.51 in, 114 mm
Area: 15.28 sq in, 9857 sq mm
Sweep: 34.8°
Center Foil: 50/50
Side Foil: Inside-Flat

Dynamic RTM construction with strategically placed carbon compliments the template and sweep angle of the fin, and produce a bespoke flex pattern with remarkable memory properties. In the water, this translates to immediate response when loading up the fins and driving through turns. PCC fins suit fast surfing and are favoured by power surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave.

FCS II FW PC Carbon Tri-Quad Retail Fins