FCS II 5 FIN - Al Merrick's 'AM' PC Large Grey Fins - Air Core - Large

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- Al Merrick's template is designed for radical, progressive surfing.
- The raked side fins produce exceptional speed and drive, while the smaller centre fin on the medium and large template offer quick release through turns.
- Updated PC construction featuring our ultralight AirCore.
- Tri-Quad (5 fin) set

LARGE (75Kg - 90Kg / 165 - 200 Lbs)

Ideal Conditions
- Hollow steep waves, punchy beach breaks.

Board Types
- Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
- Performance boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

Fin Family
- Carver: Find Power. Powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold.

Performance Core + AirCore
Fins with AirCore Technology feature a pressed polyurethane foam core that mimics the geometric foil of the fin.

AirCore technology reduces the amount of fiberglass required in the RTM moulding process making it much lighter while allowing total manipulation of the flex.

#FCS II AM PC Large Grey Tri-Quad Retail Fins - air core