FCS II THRUSTER - SF Sally Fitz PC Medium

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FCS II SF Fins - Sally Fitzgibbons (Thruster)

The FCS II SF (Sally Fitzgibbons) Signature Fins are FINALLY here! After much anticipation FCS has released the SF Fins, as a Thruster Set and member of the FCS II Signature Series range, they are designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin system. They will not fit into the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.

FCS II SF Performance Core Fins
The FCS II Sally Fitzgibbon's signature fin is best in hollow, steep waves and punchy beach breaks. The FCS II SF Fins feature a slightly smaller trailer for exceptional tail release and works best with performance boards with shallow concave and moderate to low rocker, we will mention the template is tailored for females. (Captain Obvious)

FCS II SF Fin Material
Performance Core material and construction is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fiberglass fin with added performance and reduced weight. The Resin Transfer Molding process produces a lightweight fin with amazing flex and smooth feel.

The FCS II SF Fins Performance Core: available in Medium

FCS II SF Performance Core Front Fin Size: 145lbs/65kg -175lbs/80kg
Base: 4.40 in. 112 mm
Depth: 4.55 in. 116 mm
Area: 15.17 in.² 9785 mm²
Sweep: 33.3°
Foil: Flat

FCS II SF Performance Core Center Fin Size:
Base: 4.29 in. 109 mm
Depth: 4.50 in. 114 mm
Area: 14.06 in.² 9070 mm²
Sweep: 31.0°
Foil: 50/50