DVD - Surfboard guide

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Surfboard Guide is a comprehensive tool, which will teach you about board design and all the different styles of boards that are available. Aiming to help you improve your surfing performance, you will gain an understanding of boards and what will suit you and the waves you surf.

Surfboard Guide Sections:
  • Length, width, thickness and volume plan shape
  • Tail width, nose width, plan shape
  • Winter volume
  • Tails rail foil
  • Foil, rolled deck, hips, flex?
  • Bottom contours
  • rocker
  • weight
  • Fins
  • High performance shortboard
  • Twin fin
  • Quad fin 
  • The fish
  • Semi fish
  • 70’s style Single fin
  • Semi gun
  • Basics (bonus)
  • Minimal 
  • longboards
  • This DVD is aimed at intermediate level surfers.
  • Total Running time: 29 minutes.