DryGuy AC/DC - Wetsuit Bootie / Glove Dryer

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The DryGuy™ AC/DC™! Small enough to go anywhere...to warm in minutes and dry in hours! Working naturally, with gentle, thermal convection the AC/DC™ silently dries all sporting footwear including ski and board boots, ice skates, soccer shoes, baseball shoes, and football shoes as well as hunting, fishing, working, and dress boots and shoes. The AC/DC™ produces a safe efficient heat eliminating odors and increasing the life of footwear and gear. Transfer the comforts of home to your car and on the road.


  • Compact, Portable Light Weight Size
  • Packs Easily in Boots and Shoes
  • Silently Warms in Minutes and Dries in Hours
  • Will Not Damage Footwear, Liner or Foot Bed
  • Both Adapters Included, 120V AC Household or 12V DC

  • Model - DG12
  • Dry Time - Approximately 6 - 10 Hours
  • Power - 120V AC Household Outlet or 12V DC
  • Dimensions - 2 Units at 2" W x 1.5" D x 4" L
  • Weight - 7 oz.
  • Material - High Quality Thermoset Plastics
  • Warranty - One Year