Cascadia skimboards - The Legacy

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Fatter, more stable and more controllable than other indented tip flatland skimboards. The Legacy is the perfect platform to learn new tricks. At 55cm, it's one of our widest flatland skimboards; perfect for spins, landings and hanging on the rails. The indented nose and tail make this board's angles ideal for setting up tricks. 
  • Product Size: 101cm x 55cm x 1cm + 0.5cm Diatrax
  • Rocker: Dual Rocker - 3.5cm Centred
  • Colour: White Dura-Lam Base
  • The Legacy’s shape will help you butter onto rails and stomp your landings like never before. The indented nose and tail are ideal for setting up tricks, while its width helps you stay on your axis.