Carver - 33.75" Greenroom Surfskate Complete 22 C7

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Carver C7 Raw 33.75" Greenroom Surfskate Complete

The mid-sized retro template provides plenty of platform for stable carving and a wider stance, perfect for cruising and pushing. Featuring wave artby Ryan Kleiner.

It’s not often that you can say ‘surf artist’ and really mean it, but Ryan Kleiner’s passion for waves authentically drives his work. A surfer from Santa Barbara who shapes his own boards, he’s worked with brands
like Quiksilver and True Ames, and has been making waves for Carver for years. His work has endured in part because it truly captures something about the wave that energizes us as the central force behind our surfing, and in part because they are just beautiful. But to capture this you first have to know the wave, and Ryan has put in his time directly observing it’s ever-changing movement from sea level. This year we expanded his canvas by adding one of our bigger boards, the Greenroom, for a standing wave portrait that showcases his recent use of evaporated sea salt collected from his local break to create the foam texture.

🍁*Available to Canada & USA Buyers Only. International purchases will be cancelled and refunded asap.