Booties 8mm XCEL Infiniti Round Toe

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**Please note one needs to up a size from previous XCEL booties. 2018 XCEL booties have a new sizing.

Plush Thermo Lite = Warmth
Quick Dry Fibers = Stay Dryer
New Molded Strap = Better Support
Pull Up Ankle Loop = Easy Entry
Single Rubber Bottom = Board Feel
Taped Seams = Durability
Engineered Design = Contoured Fit


#AQ087813  - **2017 sizing

 Sole design for a better feel with your board, and redesigned angled Velcro straps for improved comfort and fit. Seamless Drylock ankle seals and an extra flexible, lightweight sole. Quick Dry Lining and UltraStretch neoprene ankle panels. All Drylock boots are 100% blindstitched, which means a more watertight construction since no stitching fully penetrates through the neoprene.