Boga Classic 11'2 - All Rounder - Teal - USED


Boga Classic 11'2 - All Rounder - Teal

11'2 x 30" x 4.5" - 180L

Condition - Good

 Our most popular Stand Up Paddle Board, the Classic has a smooth rocker line, a squash tail and 30 width for great stability. This board tracks great and has amazing glide in flat water making for a great all around board. Top quality construction and a tri-fin set up the board offer outstanding performance in a wide range of conditions.  The boards classic outline,  tail design and integrated wood EVA design pad make for one of the industry’s most popular designs. The cliff hanger handle and lightweight make the board super easy to carry and load. Boards come with deck tie downs, a performance high end glass fin, GORE vents and BOGA performance.  The model feature a 3-fin set up with FUTURE boxes.

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