Boardworks Mini Mod 9'11 - USED*

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Boardworks Mini Mod
9'11 x 32 x   154L - 5 Fin
** Also comes with a bag - see pictures.
*USED - 2 small dings on the tail - taped closed (see pictures)

What makes the Mini Mod unique is that it is thinner than most boards on the market which allows the surfer to easily set the rail in bottom and top turns. The board sits lower in the water which allows for less "bobbing" from rail to rail. It has a wide tail which also adds to the stability. The Mini Mod was designed to excel in playful sized surf much like many of the popular alternative surfboards on the market today. grade paint and polish coat, with a gloss finish.

Constructed of single density stringerless hand shaped EPS cores with epoxy resin laminations and painted with superior automotive grade paint and polish coat, with a gloss finish.

Height: 9'11"
Nose: 20 1/2"
Width: 32"
Tail: 21"
Thickness: 4 1/4"
Fins Included: 2+1