404 11’2 FLOATER - Green

Modernized to accommodate to every level of paddling ability. The redesigned 404 Floater is perfect for everything from touring to surfing. The main goal of the redesigned 404 Floater is to provide a user friendly board equipped with the best accessories available. Not only does the Floater have an FCS GoPro compatable plug on the nose, but the Floater also features FCS close celled molded traction and a built in FCS handle. For added sleekness, the self-regulating air vent is placed inside the handle.

Weather you paddle on flat water, on the open seas, enjoy practicing yoga, or surfing waves of all sizes, the 404 Floater will make every paddling experience enjoyable.

EPS foam with PVC Bottom
Built in FCS Handle with Self Regulating Air Vent
FCS Single Fin Box
FCS GoPro compatible plug
FCS molded SUP Traction

length/ 11’2
width/ 33”
thickness/ 4.6”