Waterborne Skateboards - Pisces Black Bamboo High Performance Cruiser

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If Neil Armstrong and John Legend had a baby, the result would be The Pisces — the intergalactic sweetheart of the Waterborne fleet.

An angel gets its wings every time The Pisces rips a carve in your neighbor’s driveway.

This board harbors a universe of emotion and creativity, soothing its broken heart with symphonies of pumps and carves.

Piano ballads echo in the streets as The Pisces glides through falling rose petals and honeysuckles.

Pisces is meant for cruising with a strong emphasis on high flying surf style fun. The Pisces encourages effortless flow and grace to the tune of speed. The Surf Adapter in the front gives the Pisces its spunk, and the Rail Adapter on the rear truck puts the board on rail as you glide through tremendous carves. High quality 150MM Waterborne Trucks, Black Chrome Bearings and Living Water Surf Skate Wheels mean that it will last for years and years of hard riding. Waterborne’s signature black bamboo deck looks as incredible as they feel under your feet. A mild flex gives you haptic feedback as you ride.

Dimensions: 31" long x 9.5" Wide
Wheelbase: 20"

Deluxe Package includes Gift Packaging, T-tool, replacement parts and Premium High-Velocity Bearings. 




Waterborne Skateboards is the new kid on the block but is already being hailed as the best surf skate system. The Surf Adapter lets you turn much deeper than a Carver C7 and perform surf manoeuvres that are much more true to surfing than a Carver skateboard with the Carver CX truck. Swelltech surf skate with its Jamie O'Brien pro model boasts the V-truck which can spin 360 degrees, but this makes them extremely unstable at medium or high speed and nearly impossible to use as a practical mode of transportation. The Surf Adapter has a unique geometry that allows you to hill bomb with confidence and stability especially when the Rail Adapter is used on the rear truck. Waterborne is the only surf skate innovator to develop surfskate components for the rear truck. The versatility of the Surf Adapter comes from its ability to fit and board length or skateboard truck. There's no need to buy a completely new skateboard for surf skating if you already have a skateboard or longboard that you enjoy riding! Your skateboard deck, trucks and wheels will still feel familiar with the Surf Adapter, and you will still recognize the characteristics that make your skateboard unique.