Channel Islands - Quong 6'7 FCS2 5 fin Thunderbolt Technologies

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6'7 x 21 x 2 1/2 | 40.85L

FCSII 5 fin set-up, fins not included

‘The Quad by Channel Island is a longboard that has a fair amount or rocker, with deep single concave in the nose leading to a double concave with vee out the tail. The “Quong’s” rails are round in the middle of the board and tapered to a 50/50 rail in the nose. The tail is pulled into a tight swallowtail. ’The “quong” comes standard with quad fins options plus a center box for all the combinations.’

What people are saying about it:

“The Quong Surfboard by Channel Islands is the fastest longboard in the Channel Islands line. Wider, with turned down rails for speed. Take a 1980’s quad and blow it up, refine the shape, and expand it into a longboard. The Quong has single concave in the nose leading to double concave under your feet with vee out the tail. This is a super fast board that will outrace your tri-fin and single fin longboard! Great for open face carves, the ride is smooth and fast.” – Surf Station

“I’ve only seen The Quong on the CI website and liked the concept – quad + 1.” – user Basswave on Surfer Mag

“The Channel Islands Quong Surfboard is a board for all types of surfer. The Islands Quong Surfboard is a quad longboard that is made for speed and maneuverability and good for waves that are Knee-high to Head and a half.” –

“It’s a great board for our gulf coast, but can also be paddled out east for those heavier days.” – Suncoast Surf Shop on Facebook

“I am waiting on my 9’6″ Quong.” – Scott Orsini on YouTube

Thunderbolt Technologies utilizes advanced materials and proprietary construction techniques that decrease weight while taking performance, flex and control to the next level.