Almond R-Series 8'0 Joy | INDIGO

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Beat the crowd with The Joy, our most popular, and most versatile surfboard model.

The Low-rocker and substantial volume will help you to catch more waves and get into those waves earlier. Pintail and slight vee to help it turn with ease, even from the middle of the board.

The R-Series by Almond Surfboards is an entirely new construction of your favourite Almond models... and this is instalment #2 of our series of Rugged, Recyclable, and Ready-to-Rip surfboards.

At 8'0 long and 22" wide, the R-Series Joy is designed to be the go-to surfboard for all ages and stages.

This INDIGO deck pad isn't a print, it's actually swirled right into the EVA deck pad—which means every board will be slightly different, just like an indigo abstract dye.

The R-Series construction is designed with a deep awareness of the role we play in the bigger picture. The materials used in the R-Series surfboards can recycled at the end of the board’s life.

  • 8'0" x 22" wide
  • 72.2 L
  • Double Stringer
  • High-Density Copolymer Foam
  • No-Wax-Necessary Deck Pad
  • Detachable 9" Single Fin (included!)
  • Leash Attachment
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made in USA


    R-Series by Almond Surfboards from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.