Creature of Leisure board bag - Longboard Lite w/ fin slot: Charcoal Cyan

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The Lite Boardcovers are designed for economic day-to-day use. The single board capacity covers are perfect for in-home storage or in-car transport to and from the beach. Heavy duty tarpee fabric on one side and 420D polyester fabric on the other. Other features include: 3mm padding, webbing shoulder strap, marine grade corrosion resistant Nylon zips. Available in Shortboard, Fish, Longboard and SUP designs.

  • 3mm closed cell FOAM padding
  • 420D Fabric on top side and heat resistant Silver poly
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Marine Grade Corrosion resistant - Nylon Zipper 12 Month Warranty
  • Zippered fin slot


  • 8'0" / 22" / 2.8lbs or 1.3kg
  • 8'6" / 22" / 2.8lbs or 1.3kg
  • 9'0" / 23" / 2.9lbs or 1.3kg
  • 9'6" / 23" / 2.9lbs or 1.3kg