Odysea 6-0 Skipper- Quad - JOB Sky Blue 18*

*Pre-Purchase Only! Available February 2019*       

"The best soft surfboards ever! “ – Jamie O’Brien

Jamie has charged some of the gnarliest waves out there and believes his models are the ultimate shore-break boards; plus he can throw chunks, bust an air or tweak a turn when the waves aren’t deathly. Not only do the JOB models offer performance, but the signature graphic reeks of tropical bliss.

More is better when it comes to having fun and the LOG delivers! In true Odysea® form, the LOG has a classic look and feel with mega-float performance so you can shred with ease and style. So whether you're a stoked grom learning to surf or a seasoned vet looking to maximize wave count, the Odysea LOG is for you! The LOG is a legit board designed by real surfers in California. Enjoy!

The Catch Surf Odysea 6'0" Skipper Quad Soft Surfboard is fun for surfers of all skill levels who want to enjoy carving waves. Equipped with a hi-performance fin system for added drive in steeper waves and even more speed in the tube, this board is extra durable due to its dual composite core.


  • Super fun for all skill levels.
  • Tons of float and easy wave catching.
  • Stiff dual composite core.
  • Triple maplewood stringers.
  • Durable HDPE graphic slick bottom.
  • Old school PE deck with throwback design.
  • Hi-performance fin system with performance fins.
  • Designed by Catch Surf in California.

Dimensions: 6'0" x 22" x 3.125" (48 Liters).

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