Indo Board Mini Pro Snowdrop (Deck & Roller)

Indo Mini Pro Snowdrop

The Indo Board Mini Pro model consists of a 39" x 12" deck and an 8.5 ” diameter Pro Roller. The Indo Mini Pro is lighter and has less surface area than the Indo Pro model. The Indo Board Mini Pro model is perfect for advanced riders who want loose action so that they can perform tricks like Ollies, spins, shuv-its, grabs, air drops, and more!. The Indo Mini Pro is ideal for snowboarders, wakeboarders, wakeskaters, and kitesurfers.

Mini Pro Series:
Deck size: 39” X 12” deck with non-slip grip coat applied
Roller size: 8.5” diameter with 4 strips of Grip Tape
Deck construction: 11/16” cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch

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