Badfish WAVO inflatable surfboard

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Anyone who’s ridden an egg shape surfboard knows it is an incredibly versatile board—the ease of a longboard catching waves, and shortboard performance riding them. The Wavo is Badfish’s take on the classic ocean shape for river surfing. Sitting between the IRS and the iSK8, the Wavo is designed to be ridden as a shortboard. The added volume will deliver in smaller or flatter waves allowing for a wide range of riders to get more out of their local wave. For bigger riders who need more volume than the iSK8, the Wavo will be their go-to river shortboard.

- 6’ 2” x 26” x 3 3/4”
- Removable tri-fin
- Slim offset carrying handle
- 3-year warranty
- Board Weight: 17lbs
- Rider Capacity: 80lbs-240lbs

- Dual-Action Pump
- Backpack Board Bag (Surf)
- Fins