Carver - 25.5” TYe STICK CX Mini

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The Carver C7 is our Patented front truck designed to create the same fluid dynamic for a skateboard that a surfboard has in the water. What gives it this ability is the extra axis of movement provided by the truck's rotating arm, giving the nose of the board lateral thrust, in addition to the usual rail-to rail turn. With this extra turning capacity, the back truck becomes a pivot from which to snap turns, the way fins hold in the water while the surfboard's rocker slides on the surface of a wave. This dynamic also creates the much sought after ability to pump the board for speed, and is the feature unique to Carver that finally delivers on the long-promised feel of surfing a skateboard.
25.5” TYe STICK

The little backpack-sized shredder has never been more functional. This micro-surfer has all the performance of a bigger board, while still keeping the compact portability we love about a mini. The CX 5.0” truck set-up and 65mm Mags take it to the next level in surfskate performance.

L: 25.5” W: 8” N: 2” T: 5” WB: 14.25”