Board protection - Flexi-Hex (cardboard surfboard sock)

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Flexi-Hex is made from cardboard a product already widely used in packaging but redesigned to add strength and durability. The result is a strong reliable packaging material which can reduce damage to boards in transit. ... Most importantly it can reduce the need for single use plastics in many packaging systems.   

Mid sleeve is suitable for packaging longer and wider boards such as retro surfboards and longboards.

Please note boards need a minimum of 2 pieces to make this work - Normally a full kit, for a short surfboard, will be 4 plus pieces - see pictures

  • Easy assembly
  • 100% plastic free, recyclable & biodegradable
  • Space saving
  • Expands 30mm x 800mm wide
  • Dimensions 1100mm x 30mm x 45mm
  • 2 layers of 20mm paper honeycomb protection
  • High compression resistance
  • 4mm card protects board rails
  • Water based adhesive



#Flexi-Hex Recycled Surfboard Packaging - Mid Sleeve (wider than 20") FB/LB/HYBRID