Mike Sandusky - co-owner

Mike Sandusky - co-owner

Mike Sandusky grew up on a farm in southwestern Ontario, Canada and was involved in many sports including competitive swimming. His hobby of body surfing on the Great Lakes fuelled an interest in surfing, and Mike learned to surf in Hawaii after University.

Since graduating, Mike has dedicated himself to surfing and travelling and has surfed over 200 breaks around the world from Pipeline to Raglan. He has surfed extensively in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica but still loves surfing at home on the Great Lakes.

Mike has a thorough understanding of the learning process and the progressions needed to become a competent surfer at any age. He started teaching surfing lessons on the Great Lakes in 2002 and Surf Ontario was officially born as a way for Mike to share his passion and dispel the myth that you “cannot ride waves on a lake”. In 2005 the Surf Ontario web page was developed and Mike now teaches surfing and stand-up paddleboard lessons regularly from May through November.

Mike has completed his Lifesaving and Bronze Cross as well as his certification in Standard First Aid and CPR.

Mikes quiver update - Oct 2015

Mike Sandusky surfing Lake Erie

Mike Sandusky about the surf Lake Erie

 Mike and sons

Mike Sandusky at the coast on a surf check

Mike teaching kids surfing in the Caribbean.