Kristen Hanna

Kristen Hanna

Stoked Snow Bunny

My appreciation for the outdoors came early on from my Dad and my (late) Uncle. Both are outdoor adventure enthusiasts and they taught me how to downhill ski at the age of 3 in the backyard of our apartment building, which overlooked the Don Valley. Since that day I have been out in the snow enjoying every last snowflake whether it is skiing (both downhill and cross country), ice skating and of course surfing - now that I know it exists here on the lakes.

I fell in love surfing long before ever having tried it. In high school my walls were plastered with pages from TransWorld Surf and my idols; Keala Kennelly, Kelly Slater and U.S. National Ski Team member, Julia Mancuso, who surfs as part of her off-season training (and charges Cloudbreak to boot!)

After catching my first wave in Waikiki Beach at 17, I came home and figured this was something you do on vacation not here in our very own backyard. Until one day, when I happened to be in the right place at the right time, I saw a group of people pass by me under the Humber Bridge who were "standing up on surfboards"? I was immediately intrigued and had to know just exactly what it was that they were doing. Turns out they were stand-up paddle boarding.

SUP was my gateway to surfing here on the lakes and now you will find me out every chance I can get - especially if it's snowing as it's the best of both worlds! The child-like enthusiasm I have for everything surf-related is what drives me out of bed for a dawn patrol session before work and if it's flat you'll find me shredding concrete on my carver, or anywhere outside.

There is really nothing quite like hiking through 2ft. of snow with a surfboard in hand! See you out there :)